About Marpe Life

About Marpe Life Marpe-Life was established as the ministry of Jan and Engela Herbst. Marpe is a Hebrew word that means health, healing or cure. It is our passion to see people living in complete health and freedom. In John 10:10 we read “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly”. Our focus is therefore to see people healed, both physically and emotionally and to have abundant life. Therefore the name Marpe-Life.Jan and Engela respectively has been in Ministry for the past 4 years on a part time basis. Jan is involved in prophetic healing ministry and Engela is in full-time counselling ministry. She is an accredited SOZO councillor.Through their passion to see people set free from bondage with http://pokeraakk.com/, Jan had a vision to look at the gifts that we received from God. These are not only the gifts of the Spirit but it includes all the provision that God makes in His Word. The Holy Spirit started to speak to Jan to study the uses of essential oils, not only in the Bible but also our modern society.


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