The Benefits of Essential Oils

Imagine using an organic, all natural approach to health and healing that carries minimal risk and no harmful side effects or chemical based products…  These are just the beginning of the long list of benefits you can expect when using Essential Oils.

Some General Benefits of Essential Oils include:

  • They are quick, simple and convenient to use.  Using Essential Oils can be as simple as wearing them during the day or diffusing them at home.  Merely massaging Essential Oil into the skin is all it takes to absorb the active essence of the plant and start experiencing the results.
  • This points to another one of the benefits of these oils, namely, that they immediately penetrate the skin and cell membranes and are transported throughout the body rapidly.
  • Essential Oils are completely natural and do not include any dangerous or damaging chemicals.
  • It is not merely humans that can reap the benefits of Essential Oil, but animals too.  Dogs and horses, for example, are quite responsive to both the physical and emotion benefits associated with many oils.
  • Essential Oils are excellent healthy alternatives to the chemically-based household cleaning substances that you can use throughout the home.

Some Health Benefits of Essential Oils include:

  • 60 different oils, such as Hyssop, Sandalwood, Grapefruit, Myrtle and Frankincense boast severe anti-cancer activity.  For example, Sandalwood has shown up to 98.1% cell inhibition against the growth of breast cancer.
  • The presence of Essential Oils results in a hostile environment for bacteria, viruses, cancer, fungus, parasites and all other threats to the cell.  This makes the use of Essential Oils an absolute necessity when protecting you and your loved ones’ overall health.  An example of the potency of Essential Oils is demonstrated by Bandits oil that, when diffused, can kill over 99% of airborne bacteria in under 12 minutes.
  • Should you contract any diseases or experience any pain, Essential Oil works effectively as both an anti-inflammatory and a pain relieving agent.  Even torn muscles or bone fractures can be treated with Essential Oils.
  • The presence of Essential Oils result in more antioxidants being transported to the brain which, amongst other things, slow down the aging process and eliminate free radicals and the probability of cell mutations.
  • Using Essential Oils increases the rate at which oxygenation occurs within the body.  The more oxygen present in your body, the less conducive your body is to growing bacteria and viruses.

Other noteworthy benefits include:

  • Essential Oils increase the overall health of your hair and also minimise hair loss.
  • They promote the healthy function of the endocrine, thyroid and hormone system as well as that of the circulatory and urinary systems.
  • Supports the immune system.
  • Supports digestive functioning.
  • Promotes regeneration of skin and the healing of wounds and sunburn.

Get your Essential Oils from us today and reap the many rewards to treating your health and body with the respect and care that it is entitled to.